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Do It Yourself custom VPS plans

VPN-Ready VPS: Your Own Anonymous Connection

Affordable, High-Performance VPS

  • Instant VPS, Ready in Seconds.
  • Full root access to install, customize, or replace any software.
  • Enjoy a dedicated IP, enhancing your privacy and online freedom.
  • DIY VPS Plans: Choose the exact resources you need for your project.
  • Auto Install VPN: Choose between OpenVPN or WireGuard for instant, secure, and private connection.

Starting at $5 USD $3 USD/month: Get 1 CPU, 1GB RAM, 15GB NVMe storage, and 3TB Bandwidth.

Deploy Your VPS Today

Empowering Your Online Freedom

Our service merges the customizable power of virtual private servers with the enhanced privacy and protection of VPNs.

Total VPS Control

Enjoy full root access to install and manage your OS & software. Whether it's a custom application setup or a specific server environment, you have the freedom to tailor everything to your needs.

Instant VPN Setup

Our VPS comes with the option to pre-install VPN, ensuring secure, encrypted connection right from the start. Ideal for those who value privacy but prefer hassle-free setup.

Private and Secure

Unlike shared VPN services, owning the server ensures that your logs and data are not accessible to anyone else. This exclusive access guarantees a higher level of security and confidentiality.

Start Exploring the Internet
on Your Terms

Why limit yourself? Step into a world of endless possibilities with your own private VPS. Perfect for secure browsing, fighting censorship, or simply exploring the internet freely.

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We're Here to Help You

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Your Private Gateway to the Web

Affordable VPS with Enhanced Privacy, Dedicated IP, and Top-Tier Hardware, Featuring Lightning-Fast NVMe Drives and High-Speed Network Connectivity.

Effortless Management Interface

Manage your VPS with ease using our intuitive control panel. Track usage, adjust configurations, and deploy new servers with just a few clicks. It's designed for both beginners and experienced users alike, making VPS management straightforward and efficient.

Lightning-Fast Connectivity

Step into the fast lane with our state-of-the-art VPS network. Every node is connected to multiple 10Gbps ports, and each VPS has a blazing 1Gbps network connection, ensuring rapid data transfer, low latency, and a seamless online experience.

Connect From Anywhere, To Anywhere

Our network extends across the globe with strategically placed servers in key locations. Current server hubs include:

  • US Flag Phoenix, Arizona: Ideal for excellent connectivity across the US West Coast and Asia, offering swift and stable connections for a broad audience reach.
    - The Phoenix datacenter use Juniper MX series routers with over 1.6Tbps network capacity.
    - We established high speed peering with the Phoenix-IX Internet Exchange, and through private peering connections with popular networks for fast and optimal routes.
    - We have multiple and redundant 100Gbps connections with TATA Communications and Cogent Communications.

  • Romania Flag Timisoara, Romania: A Prime Hub for Superior Connectivity in Europe and Asia
    - The Timisoara data center is equipped with advanced routing technology, featuring a network capacity exceeding multiple 10Gbps connections for high-speed, uninterrupted connectivity.
    - We've established strong relationships with key European network operators and have direct peering arrangements, ensuring efficient and direct network routes.
    - Our Timisoara facility boasts significant and redundant connections to major networks, providing a seamless digital bridge to both Western and Eastern Europe, as well as extended reach into Asia.
Peak Performance, Scalable Solutions

Experience unparalleled performance with our cutting-edge VPS infrastructure. Built on top-tier hardware (Dual Intel E5-2690v4 CPUs, huge ammount of RAM, and NVMe SSD storage), our virtual servers deliver robust power and efficiency for all your needs. Plus, with our flexible scalability options, upgrading resources is effortless. Whether you're expanding a business or managing growing web traffic, our VPS solutions adapt in real-time to keep you ahead.

Dedicated IPv4 & IPv6

A dedicated IP address not only bolsters your privacy but also offers stability and reputation. It's ideal for avoiding blacklists often associated with shared IPs, ensuring smoother email communication and secure access to various online services.

Do It Yourself perks

We added is something that we personally missed in our daily work during the years, when we used servers from other providers. Now we have done it for you! It's every developers dream to have the exact resources they need, not overpriced. Pay exactly what you use, without buying bundled resources. You need to pay for CPU if you need RAM, don't need to pay disk space if you need bandwidth, or anything else. Every resource is priced and added individually.
That's why we've named these plans Do It Yourself (DIY).